welcomed a new intern this morning
  Megan who will be interning with Grace Harrison. We will be working together on
  different projects this summer. Today I spent a few hours paying some bill for
  the country club to some of our outside vendors i.e. Taylor Made, Titleist, and
  other similar bills, I found paying thousands of dollars in bills that are not
  mine is actually fun. The rest of the afternoon I contained to negative my way
  through Jonas Software.

*Jonas is a program that Westfield uses to
operate the many sectors of hospitality it allows everyone spread all over the
Westfield grounds to book events, reserve room, different kitchens 
etc. so that everyone is on the same page and so things do not get
doubled booked. Jonas has all the logistics along with the Sales person and
information in the BEO so the information can be shared. 
If someone has a question all one needs to do is look at the BEO and find
the answer they are looking for, if they can not find what they are looking for
they can contact the sales person in charge of that particular event.  * when I refer to building a BEO I mean
  plugging information in the program/ booking, reserving all the different rooms
  we will need that day to make the event a success. Events are all different
  sizes some are small and only require minimal reservations and room other are
  large and require lots of different rooms and services. A few of the most
  common that I deal with booking, North or South golf course, the Firemark grill
  room, the pavilion ( for meeting or cook outs), the cart barn, the comfort
  stations on the courses, beverage carts, the Blair center, and many other rooms
  or services.

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